Teaching Controversial Issues in the Classroom



Today's young people will grow up to be the citizens of the future, but what that future holds for them is uncertain. I am quite confident, however, that they will have to make crucial decisions about various issues on which people have different and contradicting views. In this paper, I will focus on the issue of teaching controversial topics in order to explore the following question: How can teachers best handle controversial issues in the classroom? Through this literature review, I will define the term controversial issues, justify teaching these touchy topics, and provide some suggestions on dealing with these issues in the classroom. Moreover, I will discuss some techniques to handle contentious subjects and look at the vital roles teachers play when teaching them. Furthermore, I will examine different approaches that show how teachers’ views can influence their teaching of multi-faceted issues, as well as perspectives on the role teachers should assume in controversy. Additionally, I will demonstrate the importance of both democratic education and education for global citizenship in teaching about divisive topics in the classroom. I will also state my own position on the various issues discussed in this paper. Finally, drawing on my own experience and some previous related research, I will conclude the paper with a discussion of implications and suggest recommendations for further studies.

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