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Serveh Naghshbandi


This is the fourth annual CERN Collection to be compiled from the work of educators and researchers in the field of citizenship education. Rethinking global citizenship and educating involved, aware and responsible citizens at the global, national, and local level are the main concerns of the authors in this Collection. Educating citizens who are aware of social issues and global responsibilities is valued in 21st century’s education. Educational systems are attempting to consider social responsibilities and global awareness as required 21st century’s skills and integrate them into the curriculum. This collection of papers examines the meaning of global citizen in the North American context as well as the opportunities and challenges that transnationalism brings to the multicultural and globalizing society of Canada. It also explores historical and contemporary trends, changes, and issues of citizenship education curricula in Canadian educational settings. The fourth annual CERN Collection includes six peer-reviewed papers and a ‘point of view’ paper by one of the authors.

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